“Wendy is nothing short of a miracle worker! Efficient and professional, she gets things done – and all with a smile and a winning sense of humor. If you’re in need of a true right-hand woman, business partner, or creative genius, look no further than Wendy.” — Elizabeth Wasserman, Founder/CEO, TrueGoods

“When Wendy came on board, she immediately streamlined our publishing operations. Thanks to her efforts, our books and periodicals consistently went out on time and on budget. Her thorough understanding of editorial, layout, QA, and publishing processes, coupled with her positive attitude, makes her a valuable asset to any team.”
— Mark Waid, Former Editor-in-Chief, Boom! Studios

“Wendy is amazing at strategic marketing planning, is great with keeping me on track with my branding and even runs analytics on what’s working and what’s not so that when we do my email blasts, I know which direction to take. I had an existing website when she came on board, but she monitors it for me now, has taken over the SEO and is teaching me about how we need to move forward in the future. She’s an amazing copywriter as well and while I think I’m a decent writer, she knows how to elaborate or make it sing. And on weeks that I’m procrastinating or don’t have time to write, she can knock something out that’s brilliant and looks so much more professional than if I did it on my own. She’s worked with many different types of small businesses and can figure out her clients’ unique needs. She’s also a really, really nice person and is very easy to work with.” — Wendei Smith, Owner, Peace of Mind Wellness

“A/V A to Z would not have been possible without Wendy Wallace. As copy editor, she read the entire 1 million word manuscripts (more than once) as we refined it and edited it down to its 750 page final form. The publisher complimented us on our deft handling of difficult topics. Much of the credit for that goes to Wendy. As post-production subject matter editor, she also contributed key material to the dictionary and fact-checked the contributions of others. A/V A to Z was many years in the making, and may never have made it across the finish line — let alone been on schedule for final delivery to the publisher — without her constant support and invaluable contributions.” — Richard Kroon, Founder/Author, Hollywords